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Irreversible Damage

Sam's words on the new release:

"I'm proud to announce my latest album, which speaks to the current state of affairs in our world.  We have reached a point where we can no longer recover from the damage we have done, and now all there is to do is celebrate as we usher in the age of the apocalypse.  We walk towards the end of the world, wondering why..."


March 25th, 2020



Sam Seibert is a hard rock singer-songwriter-multi instrumentalist from Delaware.  He is known for his edgy alternative style that doesn't fit well into any box.  His songs feature high energy melodic vocals, intricate harmony, and thought provoking lyrics, all portrayed through a melancholy eye with a post-apocalyptic filter.  Sam has been compared to acts such as Alice Cooper, Slayer, John Lennon, and Twenty One Pilots.  Sam and his band are currently promoting their fourth album, "Irreversible Damage," a concept album which features highly charged themes of mass shootings, suicide, political corruption, and environmental destruction.

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