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Sam Seibert is a recording artist, songwriter, and performer from Delaware, currently in his 7th semester at Berklee College of Music, performing in a number of bands on various instruments.  


Sam is the founder, frontman, and primary songwriter of the Boston based hard rock band, creatively named "Sam Seibert Band."  They have been performing around Boston since 2017, currently promoting their fourth album "Irreversible Damage."

Sam started studying music at a very young age.  His first instrument was drum set, at the age of two.  He started studying piano and composition at 6.  At 13, he joined the Milford Community band, playing percussion.  He would continue playing with them regularly until graduating high school, and has come back for occasional performances since then as well.  He also joined the Dover Symphony Orchestra that year, playing percussion, eventually becoming their principle percussionist six years later.  Sam formed his first band, "Working at Perfect," in 2013.  They played mostly original rock music, and Sam sang, played drums, and occasionally played keyboards.  Since then, he has continued to play in original bands, mostly playing rock music, as well as playing jazz, musical theater, big band, and orchestral music.  Sam's first commercial release was with his band "Hands of Chaos" in 2015.  They released two singles along with a music video for their song "Together We Stand," an original composition by Sam.  His first solo release was in 2016, the single "Lullaby," which earned him some attention in the local scene due to its unique style and contrasting moods.  After Lullaby's success, he began performing regularly as a solo artist, and went on to record and release three other singles that year.  

Sam's first full length album, Pictures of Ezra, was released in summer of 2017, shortly thereafter he relocated to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music.  It was there he found new bandmates for his live show, although the album's controversial nature led to them to be widely ignored by the local scene and protested by the college.  The follow up album, Sleep, was released the next fall, and featured musicians from the live band.  This was shortly followed by his third album, Corruption, which was released that winter.  To support the album, the band performed extensively that spring and summer around Boston and the New England Area.  Also during that time, Sam began writing for his next release, and the band premiered two new songs, "Almost Alone on an Airplane" and "Beach Towns."   Sam began work in the studio in the fall of 2019, and released Beach Towns that November as the first single to his upcoming album.  In December, he released a second single, as well as the name "Irreversible Damage," stating the album would have highly charged environmental and political themes, and that it would be released in the spring of 2020.  The album was released on March 25th, 2020.

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